The Only Rum for Burns Night!

This month is one of celebration for the Rumburra team. As well as being nominated for another award, we are looking forward to Burns Night! This annual celebration is a key date in the Scottish calendar, giving you the perfect excuse to buy a bottle of Rumburra. Click here to buy yours. 

Origins of Burns Night

Robert Burns was born in Alloway, Scotland on 25 January 1759, and died in Dumfries on 21 July 1796. He is renowned for his poems, lyrics and pieces that addressed political and civil issues. His best-known work is Auld Lang Syne, a staple of modern New Year's Eve celebrations. 

Burns Night is a celebration of the life of Robert Burns. This annual event on or around Burns' birthday sees a supper enjoyed by Scots across the world. The first supper held on July 21 1801 to commemorate the poet's death.

The next commemoration was held on 29 January 1802 on what was thought to be Burn's Birthday, but parish records revealed in 1803 it was actually the 25th. This has seen the event held on or around Burns' birthday since. 

Burns Night Rum

What Happens on Burns Night

At Burns Night events, the dress code consists of kilts for men, and shawls, skirts or dresses made from family tartan for women. A piper will greet the guests, before a meal of soup, haggis for the main course, and dessert, cheese or coffee are enjoyed. Although a whisky toast is traditionally made, we're certain that if Rumburra was available in the 18th century, this would be the toast drink of choice! 

Award-Winning Scottish Rum

If you're having your own Burns Night celebration at home, why not toast with our market-leading rum. Rumburra is proud to be Scottish and proud to celebrate our heritage. By purchasing our Scottish rum, you'll be opting for the LUX Food & Drink Awards' Best Rum of 2020 and the winners of the LUX Customer Service Excellence Award 2020. 

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