Limited Edition Rum Glass

Scottish Discovered Caribbean Rum. Small batched and hand crafted in Scotland.

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Limited Edition Rum Glass

Scottish Discovered Caribbean Rum

A well-made Rum is a thing of joy. Fresh and vibrant in the mouth, this aged tropical rum is skilfully infused with pure Scottish water for a smooth and refreshing taste. This well-balanced, unique bold blend lends itself perfectly to cocktails.


A great Rum with no astringency, the blend is very balanced on entry and washes over your mouth with a light bite of pepper.

This immediately subsides, leaving your mouth awash with hints of Peach and light Caramel.

A further sip reveals honey, a touch of leather and Cherries. This medium body Rum will leave your mouth with a Peppery bite and a hint of Oak and Peach.


The first aroma reveals that of fruit and honey. Light caramel carries a subtle scent of Banana alongside sugarcane notes and fresh Mango.


Medium-bodied, this Rum displays itself as light and vibrant Gold in colour. Hinting of the complexity within, the exotic blend brings character and spicy depth. A pleasant rum to sit with, this comforting blend is perfect for those self-reflecting indulgent nights.

Cocktail Recipes

Rumburra Orach

Orach can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of sweet, spicy and smooth cocktails. Check out our suggestions below!

Rumburra Rocks Cocktail

Rumburra Rocks

Rumburra Orach

Rumburra Rocks, probably the best and simplest way to enjoy your Rumburra. Grab a nice tumbler add a minimum of 4 ice cubes and a measure of your pouring, relax kick back and feel the Caribbean.

Black Storm Cocktail

Black Storm

Rumburra Orach

Using a Canadian High Ball Glass, introduce 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, drop in some crushed ice, squeeze in 10 - 15ml of Lime Juice, add 50ml of Rumburra Orach, 100ml …

Cuba Orach Cocktail

Cuba Orach

Rumburra Orach

Fill a glass with ice, squeeze two lime wedges into a tall glass. Drop the remaining wedges into the glass and pur in the rum and cola.

Orach Gold Cocktail

Orach Gold

Rumburra Orach

Gently warm 60g of golden caster sugar in a pan with 30ml water, add 1 tbsp of all spice and cook gently until dissolved to create a spiced syrup.
Strain through a coffee …